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skinz and love


thanks to Rick Moore for this fabulous photo of us coming down the street for the 6t’9 social aid and pleasure club.   Rick Moore is one of our favorite photographers in the city.   His specialties are live music shots, and jazzfest.  you can find Rick Moore all over this city at every great blues club and show each weekend.   all hail Rick Moore.

may you get the chance to meet him in person!

welcome to skinz n bonez

we are recruiting for the 2014 halloween season.  If you would like to join us?  please leave us a note.   Calacas Y Maracas is october fourth.  we will parade through the quarter in honor of those passed.  honor your ancestors and join the bonez as we welcome the day of the dead season to new orleans in style.   we will bring altars with us, and our brand of song and dance.

to join us for calacas y maracas you will need to donate $10 to our fund.  we have chosen Pet Asylum in the quarter this year as our animal rescue.   partial funds will go to help these wonderful people who help others with their pets.

join us on october fourth in one of our many spots to get your face painted.   please don’t forget to tip our artists too for their fabulousness.


welcome to skinz n bonez and soul sweepers LLC

this summer begins with cooler temperatures for new orleans, but us bonez still don’t mask until fall.


upcoming events?

this sat the 12th is the running of the bulls here in new orleans.  be at lafittes blacksmith shop at the crack of dawn to meet up with us and the krewe of rolling elvis.    later in the evening?  at dusk?  meet us in your best french regalia in front of mollys on decatur for the pair o dice tumblers pub crawl and celebration for bastille day.

don’t forget the red dress run in august, and midsummer mardigras and our anniversary either.

calacas y maracas is oct 4th this year.   nothing like skeletons on parade for charity

to join skinz n bonez?  please send us a note.   we do have dues, and we roll many, many parades throughout the year.

laissez les bone temps rouler!

jazzfest and beyond!

This years Jazzfest was very special…   The second sunday was the warmest of the weekend, and even though we had a tent?  it was very HOT….   Tom joined us again from Tennessee, and Shaq provided drum support for the wild tchoups, and here’s big queen, tinkerbonez and jawbone providing a little rythym…10313835_10152101849932304_1326190961154954819_n

Queen Lynn and Shaq!10314476_10152101945687304_1811167532102885910_n

Shaq and Tom and Tinkerbonez!10314492_10152101843177304_1920851299491917650_n CHA WA 14813_10152030491651428_527767480455773230_n

Juju Shaq Tom Tink Jaw Celestial bonez1907983_10152030598621428_8127301432634631788_n

Jahiem gets down with Sambone1908321_10152101884927304_6706690545384652988_n

the divas BE OUT!   Jawbone, Queen Amaire, Jujubonez and Queen Remy!  listening to some Glen David Andrews!10152407_10152028895871428_8798134542737371008_n

Nitbone shakin a tail feather!10170914_10152101889582304_3332012347929091510_n

Boneapart and Celestial bonez get down!10256516_10152101955762304_7013504912938106693_n

Next up?  we are learning the National Anthem in French for the Bayou St. John fourth of july flotilla.   Our Big Queen will crown the next queen as she ends her reign…

This summer we will be planning Calacas Y Maracas, and beyond!  Working on more handmade throws and Barbie Bonez….   All Hail this glorious season, with Chewbacchus, Dreux and Barkus being new on our schedule!   Laissez les bonez temps rouler!


super sunday with the wild tchoupitoulas, and gallery openings!

unnamedspecial thanks to everyone who came out for super sunday.   the following is a smattering of all the wild tchoupitoulas, and some skinz n bonez for your viewing pleasure.  we’d like to thank KIM WELSH, RICK MOORE, ROY GUSTE, PAULINE TEEL, NOLA.COM and all the others who came out and took pictures.   at the bottom you’ll find a wonderful video of us.   parade route, super sunday 2014. -f58c0c56dad5dada -e7177f5500c4bd11 10171037_10100415615195639_1734035315_n 10171204_10203713397775288_1642096235_n 10172623_10152283871589383_1956723147_n 10176024_10203713397375278_11951824_n -dafad900458eaae4 10170704_10203713394455205_456620460_n 10169340_10202420374462910_1665779724_n 10168091_10151965256391428_16794033_n 10156130_726611394046174_2068186168_n 10155944_703085919754407_1432168476_n




another gras come and gone. this one? lots of goodness!

what CAN we say?  each year we grow a little more, evolve a little more, and learn a little more.   this year was no exception.

new krewes we joined were barkus chewbacchus, dreux, and a stellar appearance at tit rex.  here’s a few shots to entertain you with.   1959399_10153863278415046_1919840478_nas the kaiju flambeaux lost out on the permit to light em up?  we became the flambonez.  being at the front of this fabulous parade was a hoot.   we brought drums and a dancebeat to the mechagator, and lit the way despite the ruling.   here’s to the flambeaux and Andy Baker who along with Theta and others, came up with a creative way to lead the parade in style.  all hail!

1964790_10153864456905046_2086511247_n 1901984_10153847781500693_336046386_nBig Queen didn’t care about the rain, and neither did her Catahoula Cur.  all hail the bonez rolling with Dog Day Afternoon.    After a good rain, the parade went out anyhow, and turning the first corner?  a deluge came down.  The Top picture is of Lael and Sivaan Saacks as they hand out throws along the parade.  all hail dog day.

muses catchin throwsalong the parade route with the Rainbone, Bikerbone and Queen as a Muses shoe is caught!  All hail muses!

end of dreuxrolling at four twenty, krewe of dreux went out on a beautiful saturday and marched through chilly gentilly.  here at the end of the parade route?  is new members KAHLUAbonez, and Thetabonez….    with big queen, jawbonez, and dr strangebone.

end of okeanos okeanos and me taceaux loceaux truckgroup portrait at the top as we finished the six mile parade OKEANOS.  our third year with this parade, and also a wonderful breakfast with our favorite food truck TACEAUX LOCEAUX  again, we cannot express how much we love Okeanos.

lafayette cemetary skinznbonez okeanos pixof course here’s jaheim getting his game on, with morpheus and big queen.   the top picture is of the krewe on a rainy fat tuesday at the lafayette cemetary!

saying goodbye to jay jayboband last but not least, all on a mardigras day.  at six thirty in the morning we went to the river with JayBobs ashes.   lighting off fireworks, and passing around the whiskey we said goodbye to JayBob.   All Hail Jim!  Jay!  Flo!  Anton!  Kaiser!  and Randy!

Enjoy yourselves, its later than you think.  Life is short, on mardigras day we come to remind you that you are mortal, and life is fleeting.   Like carnivale, shed your flesh to the bone, and bring forth your ancestors and your friends.  Life is a beautiful ride…. May the horses leading your lifes parade be stallions or clydesdales, and clippity clop and trot you through life like a king or queen.

all hail skinznbonez.

envision the vision…

Copy of 1374048_10202192564957895_9273167_n

With much discussion of appropriation of other peoples culture, We thought it was time to bring up where and how Skinz N Bonez came to be.

There are many factors that played into the creation of this krewe.   I’d like to begin by talking about MY personal love affair with the skeleton.    I don’t know what drew me in, maybe it was because I’m an artist.   All those classes of figure drawing, muscles, bones, and beyond?  Either way I was so enchanted that by the time I had graduated from high school?   I was “masking” skeleton.   EVEN made it in my high school yearbook with three friends in skeleton makeup.

In my twenties I had moved to Seattle where I was involved with the music scene that was exploding.   I was very reverent in my clothing choices and skeletons played into that.  Rings, Necklaces, Tshirts and anything I could find to continue my skeleton drag show.

Then I found out my father had cancer.   Over the next so many years I would find myself facing the skeleton in a much different light.   The Aids virus ran rampant, and I lost about 28 friends in a very very short time frame.   My fathers own death from cancer happened right about that time in my life.   I found myself going into my 30′s with death at every turn.   Some friends overdosed, some were murdered, some passed from aids, and then there was my roomate, and my father.    ALL of these happened within a two month period of my 30th year.   IT was devastating to say the least.

I began to get sick.  I couldn’t function as I hadn’t decided where they had gone, why they had gone or what to do next.   I think every person goes thru death differently, some deal with it better than others.     I found myself visiting an angel therapist who hypnotized me.  I had to find closure and in the world I had created?  there was none.

Then I saw the closure.    Walking thru the Pike Place Market I spied a latino store with miniature skeletons in the window.   Upon further inspection I realized that this was no ordinary skeleton, but bonez that were smiling, laughing and carrying on.   Colorful and filled with LIFE not remorse.

I embraced the Latino Holiday Day of the Dead.   “Dia De Los Muertos”.   I had found a new way to see the lives that were gone, and the lives before me.   Instead of this morbid and dark view of the american viewpoint?  I saw the Latino celebration of life in all its color, beauty, and happiness.    I began to draw again.

Over the years I made the decision to collect Day of the Dead figurines.   To go to Latino stores and search for anything and everything that had a smiling skeleton.   I would throw a party each year NOT for halloween, but for those who passed.  I found myself coming out of the darkness, and putting those people first each year on Nov. 2nd.   I came OUT of my funk, and turned it all around.

The yearly parties would grow each year.   Friends would bring pictures of loved ones who had passed, belongings that they cherished and the altars would grow larger and larger.   Even when I left Seattle for Portland, Portland for Arizona, and Arizona for New Orleans?   these were the things that made me smile and healed myself and others.

We take so much for granted when someone passes.   Some of us make it all about ourselves, and don’t see that others are suffering too.    Some of us only see those who ARE suffering, and then others are just met with complete grief and loss and cannot go forward.   I found that embracing a culture where the skeleton was happy in my art, my sculpture, my house and my friends?  that I could move forward.

Afterall the skeleton represents life, represents the soul moving from one plane to the next.   We all are skeleton inside, and skeleton in the end.   We all have this in common, and we all will experience death in the end.   So why not celebrate that life you have, the lives others have touched you with?    It was if a GRAND wake had brought me back to life.

So you can imagine how I felt when I came to New Orleans and saw the “bone gangs”.    Albiet they were much different from the skeletons I had envisioned and healed myself with.   One was frightening and carried a dark and mysterious tone.   Another paraded with satire and huge heads.  Another group was dark and waking up the hood with fireworks and whiskey.

either way?  I had found another incarnation.   I was diggin it.

Most of these krewes were male oriented or closed to membership.  In the meantime? in the secret societies that they created?  they seemed fragile and were fleeting.   much like life itself, fleeting.   THEN it happened.  Katrina hit.

PTSS set in again for me.   post traumatic skeleton sickness, death all around with hints of despair and laced with a possibility that New Orleans may never recover.

this could not be for me.  I had found krewe du vieux, found my first parade to roll in, found my first great job, and was finally coming out of a bad divorce.   I had already masked skeleton at moms ball.  masked skeleton on mardigras day.   already had embraced that secret society of one.   that one being me and my city.

When I came back to New Orleans from Katrina, and the whirlwind of traveling and searching I saw the Latinos had come back.  Here they were fixing the city up.   A city that had plaques that said the original names in Spanish.

The Spanish had come to reclaim their city.   It was time.   It was time for the skeleton secondline, to embrace the hispanic day of the dead.    Afterall, rebuilding a city that had deep latino and carribbean roots?  yes.  my mind and my creativity were bursting at the seams.

364_33375001427_1660_n Scan_Pic0001(1) LOL portrait of the artist in high school with friends!   yes, my inner skeleton was on fire.

calaca's y maracasI bounced back from katrina with all kinds of paintings of broken houses, skeletons, musicians, architecture, secondlines and more.   I also found myself wanting to mask more and more.   A chain of events went down for me that changed my outlook, and helped to form what you now see as Skinz N Bonez.

I had been at the “Healing Center” and gotten involved with that corner of my neighborhood changing.   It was at the “Anba Dlo” festival that I met a Mardigras Indian by the name of Wildman John.   I was selling skeleton maracas, and he wanted one for his suit.   We exchanged numbers and within weeks I was talking with him, and planning on checking out his tribe the Wild Tchoupitoulas.

At the same time?  I rolled Box Of Wine.   That was a long day of waiting to get on the route, and a float had broken down so we were at the mercy of the police.   I had bumped into two lovely friends who were dressed skeleton, and was now regretting that I hadn’t done the same.   My original outfit for box of wine was a grecian dress, WHICH did get used at spanishtown parade later that season, but for the time being?  it was freezing outside.   so I had dressed as a “glitter punk”.   By the end of that parade my mind was filled with Indians and Skeletons and more.   We even sat on the balcony next to the avenue pub talking about a female bone gang.

NOW back to the Indians….   The Wild Tchoupitoulas  were down to only a few members at this point.   I attended St Josephs nite for the first time, and stood there with a friend.   He and Big Queen didn’t have drummers, they seemed so part of this giant beautiful picture!     The night went off with so many beautiful images, and the city was still on a very thin cultural landscape.   Police were clashing with Indians at this point, and there were obviously lawyers on the route to insure that the culture wasn’t stepped on.   AND THEN I SAW IT.    a lone skeleton stepped out onto the street with a broom and began to sweep away the souls left behind, and now my mind was really thinking…..    drums….   bonez….  drums…. bonez….   Even Bec was smiling about it.

I sat with my boyfriend and talked names.   He came up with skinz n bonez.   the skinz part?  would be drums.   bonez, bonez.   By June of that year I took out an ad on facebook for the HI HO LOUNGE, since I worked there.    “Looking for women to form new krewe playing drums and running with Indians”.

The first meeting?  was hilarious.   so much creativity, and so much shy, and no real skills for most of our part.    Wildman John got us in a circle and started breaking down the barriers.   We learned songs, we learned to take chances.    I would later add Dancing Man to the mix, to get us ladies in shape.   We embraced our first parade in the treme.   6t’9 social aid and pleasure club.

I had already met Ronald Lewis at this point.   the year before the krewe began?  I was blessed to paint his face on fat tuesday.   He met at my house, and we had a great conversation….    I was also blessed that year to go out with Wildman John to the Uptown Indian second and dryades lineup.   Big Queen Yolanda was there, as well as myself.   I never stood in the lineup.  I stood to the side, and was his flag bearer.   I did anything and everything they asked of me.  It was somewhat intimidating at first, but then I realized that they needed drummers.   all these factors played into skinz n bonez.   There wasn’t a moment where I didn’t talk to John, or ask permission.

THIS year we go on our third mardigras together.   This year we go with the Wild Tchoupitoulas.   We will also go to the river and say goodbye to a good friend.   A very close friend that I have known since seattle, and that moment when my father passed.

He too was bit by the skeleton bug.   I remember the year he went out with the bone boys, and went thru houses in the bywater, drinking whiskey and enjoying the moment.

jay 2YES J. Bob I’m talking about you.   He always flied those birds over the course of the entire time I knew him.   LOL   we gone do you rite darlin before the day begins!

hi ho runs

wildman john of the wild tchoupatoulas, and big queen mardiclaw

wildman john of the wild tchoupatoulas, and big queen mardiclaw

skinz mardigrasat any rate?  this year will be the year we have finally evolved into the drum krewe that could.   At the same time?  The Wild Tchoupitoulas have also stepped it up, with an expanded membership, and love of their bone girls.

I see so much commentary from folks who would make an arguement for “culture vultures” but I see my krewe in a very different light.   There were series of events that played over a lifetime for myself.   I don’t think meeting Wildman was a fluke.   We are very tight as friends, and I know when we went out with them for st josephs night and super sunday?  They went before Indian Counsel.

Its a very thin line to walk when it comes to whats happening here in New Orleans.   Our culture is ever changing, and there were moments where things could have been gone forever.    But they came back, and after the storm women were coming back with a renewed sense of community.   I look at Muses and the lack of brass bands after katrina.   They brought brass in from out of state, out of their own pockets.    That mardigras was like no other.   I can still see the float with no riders that symbolized those lost in the storm.

I have a very large respect for the Northside Skull and Bone Gang.    My krewe is not them.   We did learn much from them, and to this day?   that is the ultimate experience on a Nola Level.   THEY ARE thee bone gang.    As Ronald Lewis said, there is a renaissance and the women are leading since katrina.    Don’t feather, Don’t bead, don’t step into the lineup.   Create your own krewe, your own traditions, enjoy.  ask permission, show respect.   ask questions.

I admire the GATEKEEPER.    Ronald has quite a museum filled with goodness.   I think everyone in this city should find the time to see what he has done.   Purchase his book, come to the House of Dance and Feathers and see what has been preserved.    Find the time to see some of these backstreet moments that make Mardigras so special.   Stop in also at the Backstreet Cultural Museum.  Mardigras Day is one of my favorite moments.  RIGHT there in the street.   Come see the Zulu King, come see the Northside Skull and Bone Gang, go see the Uptown Indians, go see Downtown Indians.

Go see Mardigras.   See the Spectacle.   Participate in the Modern Day Atlantis known as New Orleans.   Find the Bywater Bone Boys, SEE the krewe of Zoolu, (a personal fave of mine….  ), Find the Gaggle of Geddies, Find the Skeleton Krewe, Find Northside, Find the Indians, Find YOURSELF.   It certainly took me a lifetime to find my inner Skeleton.

Know that lifes a journey, not a destination.   Know that each person has something to bring to the table.  Join a Social Aid and Pleasure Club, give BACK to your community.   SMILE, breathe, REJOICE, dance, but most of all?   be Happy.    This is a special time in the world.    So many things are happening, and many of them are good, some are bad, but the worst thing that can be?  is that WE as people don’t see simple truths, and beautiful rituals.    Create YOUR OWN, but respect those who came before you.

The Skeleton Ritual has been something that has been going on since the beginning of time.   Be it Egypt, France, Spain, Africa, New Orleans.   It is my intention to add a female element to it, and a smile on your face.


we are NOT Indians.   We are NOT Northside.   We are Skinz N Bonez.    one of the most beautiful aspects of this krewe is the amount of creativity that each member brings to us.   Schoolteachers, Scientists, Singers, Drummers, Service Industry, Artists, and beyond.    Husbands and Wives, best friends, and beyond.    We are an incredible family of people looking to make you smile, and looking to give back to the community.  The Gentlemen in this krewe are known as “Soul Sweepers”  from that moment at St Josephs Nite.  We even rolled Barkus this year in honor of animal rescue.   Some of the Ladies in this krewe?  Run other krewes, some belong to the Treme Community Choir, some work tirelessly to mentor kids.   Our Intentions are to give back.   I hope that you will see us on the streets, and say hello when we meet.   All Hail Big Chief Sunpie Barnes and the Northside Skull and Bone Gang.    may you be blessed one day to see them ALL ON A MARDIGRAS DAY.


with much love

BIG QUEEN MARDICLAW  founder of skinz n bonez and soul sweepers

2014! all hail mardigras!

this season has already kicked off with some very special rolls.   All Hail Krewe Du Vieux and KreweDelusion!.   We spied you from the parade route, and had a great time catching throws and getting hugs.    Before the parades rolled we stepped into the parade route to find ourselves marching over to the krewe of spank.   ALL HAIL DIZNEYLANDRIEU, a fabulous satire on the Mitchy Mitch Gentrification klub.

This past weekened we found ourselves in Chewbacchus as the FLAMBONEZ!   with the mechagator and the flambeaux in hand we marched thru the marigny and onto frenchman street!   ALL HAIL KHAN IVALE! 71657_701166613247714_1475361404_n okeanos roll first year. kenny yeah skinznbonez logo 1454693_503962746366246_200962662_nnext up we will be in the french market for the Wild Tchoupitoulas on DREUX saturday.  MARCH FIRST.    Sunday am we will be in OKEANOS rolling with our kids and soul sweepers!  Look for us at float 18, escorting halloween thru the uptown route.    THEN we take a stroll to box of wine, and then on to some fun on the parade route as bacchus rolls.

come lundigras?  get out and see orpheus and get yourself a coco robicheaux doubloon, then get yourselves up early for us in the qtr at five am.  Heading to the qtr for breakfast, ashes to the river, then uptown to be with the wild tchoupitoulas!


DSC_6549 599810_10202397699523654_283675911_n

parade season begins!

twas a lovely jeanne d’arc parade and we were out and about as always.   this is truly a parade that seems to bring out the daring as the temps dropped to freezing!joanhere we are braving the cold at the cathedral, and then out and about at spitfire for the evening.    we love this parade for the throws are each unique, and its epiphany as well.  her birthday!   all hail jeanne d’arc!

black and gold strong even though the seahawks won…

BIG QUEEN went to the game recently in Seattle, here’s her take on the whole day.   WHO DAT!

well, this week I traveled to the North to visit family and friends, so I figured that I might as well go to the game in Seattle.   The trip was well worth it, even tho our saints didn’t perform.   However, to all you Seahawk fans out there, you don’t have a ring yet, and the season isn’t over.    If you make it?   I may yet cheer with you.

Upon Arrival in the Emerald City, this ex-Seattle girl found herself joining many who dats on a facebook page.   “Who dats going to the game”.    Since Myself and a few others are from there, we decided to post where to go.   We chose a spot called the lost pelican on first avenue in belltown.    Upon arrival there were many who dats already there, and the bar was filled with black and gold joy.   I soon realized that our good friends from New Orleans were there, and they joined up with us making our table a ten top.    Hallelujah!

At one point a woman squeeled with joy, and ran to our table, her dad is one of my good customers back home, so the cameras came out, and texts to her dad.   Hilarious.   lots of who dat chants, and beyond -  after dinner and drinks  We then headed to the infamous five point dive bar, where MORE who dats had gathered to drink.   BIG chants and lots of razzing between Saints fans and Seahawks…   Its so much fun to razz each other in the name of the game.   However, there are always those you have to walk away from when they have too much liquor in their system, and no sportsmanship off their tongue.  For the most part?  everyone was in good spirits.   A gentleman outside played us some blues while we smoked a cigarette.

The day of the game we layered up knowing that we weren’t coming back to our condo until it was all over.   The walk through downtown there were so many who dats!   Each time you would pass one they would smile at you, and say Who DAT.  My friend who is from Seattle would giggle each time.   I was surprized at the amount of fans from Louisiana were on the streets, loud and proud.  Lots of high fives, and shouts.   An occasional Seahawk groan, or in your face, but for the most part?   everyone seemed happy.   I truly felt my who dat family on that stroll.  My girlfriend commented that all the saints fans were good looking people.  especially the men.   LOL!

Walking down Western avenue, we came upon the triangle pub (an institution)  where mostly seahawk fans were hanging.   A tiny tiny place that I decided was hostile for the moment, and then glanced across the street to the Elysian Fields brew pub.   I have shown art there, and yet have never been there, so that became our spot.   I figured who dats could Identify with a name like that, and indeed they did.   One entire side of the pub was black and gold, the other blue and green.

The Music was perfect blasting Queens of the Stone Age and it wasn’t long before some saintly nuns appeared, and a canadian santa with saints gear.    Then suddenly Who Dats just stormed in, and some of the Seahawk fans felt a little overwhelmed.   I explained to the couple next to us that we have a street named Elysian Fields, and she then got it.    We munched on Calimari, and Beers, while we topped off our tea with whiskey.   The place filled up more and more, and then our friends who arrived that morning appeared!    Charles and James both dressed for success, especially James with his Lederhosen on.   Black and Gold Lederhosen with his war cry of “YodeLAYdeeeWHOoooooooooooooo DAT”   It was truly a moment that the entire room embraced.  Seahawk fans included.

THEN we went to the triangle.  THAT was a moment frozen in time.  the place is tiny, and it was packed.   the level of razzing had gone up several notches, but was still all in good fun.   We got beers, while the guys got two each, and then enjoyed the crowds as they passed on the way to the game.   LOTS of Who Dats stopped to talk, and high five, and then one very interesting gentleman by the name of Drew stopped to chat with us.   He kept asking the question “who are they”.

Meanwhile back to Elysian Fields, I had a woman from California come up to me to ask if I was from New Orleans, and when I replied yes, she told me she had come to support the Who Dat Nation cause they wanted to see the Seahawks go down.   She also made a big deal about how she loved our colors and our Fleur De Liis.   Gold Beads were handed out, and at one point I went to find the ladies room when a table of Hawk Fans decided to boo at me.   I smiled and stopped at their table.   I made sure and politely said  “wow, this is how you treat tourists?  people who come to spend money in your emerald city?  I never treated people that way when I lived here…..   (adding insult)   I then proceeded to point to that ORANGE SUPERBOWL EMBLEM on my shirt, and said “you don’t get to sing, until you get a superbowl ring!    NICE SAINTS BLING!   and both guys at the table laughed at me, and wished me the best.   I found that the entire day that was my comeback to those who had a bit of the negative razz as opposed to good sportsmanship razz.    It went over really well.

THEN we found Lisa and Patrick Urcia!   Good friends who got married on a saints bye week, and recieved an arch bishop hannah saints candle from me, and a saints rosary, along with a painting of them getting married on the field (skeletons of course)  and a comment that we were going to the bowl.   THAT year we won the Lomabardi, and they had another child.   At some point they even made it on the news regarding their saintly family, and their saintly vows, so this was even more appropo.    LOL   Lisa had on three shirts, two pairs of pants, and was bundled like I have NEVER been, but then again, I’m from the north.

We all delighted in going over to the WDSU area to get on the news, and by three oclock seattle time?   we were there.   making that five pm New Orleans time.   they turned the camera on to us at some point where we chanted raised the flag and rejoiced.   things were good.   ONCE we got to the game itself at the Will Call window, things went up a notch.   A very tall Seahawk fan came at us, even took our picture and just had to rub in his take.   We were now waiting on a friends son and once there?  we all lined up and went in.

Nosebleeds but still a good view, and surrounded by lots of black and gold.   most of the seahawk fans near us were quite polite, with the exception of some drunk kids behind us, but we just moved down as we had an entire row of tickets.   the game began, and we had only one moment that we kept up.  from then on out?  it was a disappointment, so I focused on other things.   Like the seagulls that kept flying over the game, and the snow that fell, and then the sound of SEA HAWK  SEA HAWK.   this group of fans definatly are hungry for a ring.  I was impressed as all the years in Seattle that I lived there?    The Hawks were embarressing.  I guess on that level?  I see them like I saw the saints.   a team that has never done anything, and then suddenly find themselves in the limelight.   It was actually quite special.   I even worked for one of the Hawks back in the day, his Name was David Simms.    So in my heart I feel for this group of fans and their lust for a ring.   BUT AGAIN, you don’t get to sing, until you get your bling!

NOW I KNOW that I’m not in New Orleans, but to shut down beer sales at the beginning of the third quarter?  was just a slam to the Saints fans.   Afterall we do drink, and at this point?  we all needed one.   So I went out to get one, and instead came back with nothing.   two ladies spoke to me about all the food being served, as I was starving ,and they gave me big tips on what NOT TO EAT.   I listened.

meanwhile back at the nose bleed section we noticed that seahawk fans were staying to the end of the game, not like saints fans when we KNOW that you aren’t catching us, and we stayed too.   it was still a glorious evening, and it was early.  that game was at five thirty seattle time, not seven thirty nola time, so we knew we were gonna get a drink.

walking out the stadium there was HUGE chants of SEAHAWKS SEAHAWKS SEAHAWKS   along with lots of razzing, so we just strolled.  james stopped and chatted up with a soldier, then we bumped into the guys that were seated near us, which was nice.  great conversations and lots of fun.   WE couldn’t get a cab, as the direction we were told to go?  saw none.  HAD we gotten one we wouldn’t have gone anywhere anyways.   So we walked a good mile before we found one.   We did stop at the New Orleans Bourbon Street Bistro, and bumped into Chef Jack from uptown, and told him and his friends to head to the lost pelican.   Seemed like any place named for NOLA was where who dats gathered.   My favorite moment was coming out and bumping into an entire family decked to the nines with signs, and beads.  We all stopped for a picture.   Even though we had lost?  We were still a happy family walking away with our pride.   AND AGAIN, with a superbowl insignia on our uniforms.

THEN AGAIN   At some point my friend Nancy from Seattle said to me….   “you know?  the saints fans are good looking”.   LOL  yes indeed we are.

Once at the Lost Pelican, things were quiet, yet subdued.    Had conversations with many Seahawk fans who were very nice, and didn’t really cross paths with too many rude ones.   There was one rude one, but we missed the part where he hit the ground.   Its one thing to razz someone, but its an entirely different thing to grab someones jersey.    Even his hawk fans let that one go, and he got decked and flew to the ground.  I was glad I missed that, and sad to hear it, but somehow it seemed fitting.    :)    sportsmanship and good vibes is what makes MY city a wonderful place to see a game.

More drinks, and then some more, and then home.   The next day we hit the market, and had some genuine fun.   We got razzed a few more times while walking around, but the day was sunny, and the people were happy, including myself.   We topped our trip off with dinner at the space needle, and then I was off on a plane.   The last thing said to me at TSA, was “how’d you like your azz whoopin”.   I said  MEH,   and sang it

YOU DON’T get to SING, until you get your superbowl RING” as I pointed to my orange superbowl emblem.   the guy looked at me blank and said, yeah hadn’t thought of that.   I smiled and said, I will root for you in the playoffs, if you make it through the rest of the season.  good luck.     he said, WOW saints fans are the nicest folks.    I said, yes we are.    who dat!