our little girl has found herself getting heartworm treatment.  she has a mild case, but its still a very serious situation and expensive.    she is currently at the vet for another day, doing down time as she had gotten her e-collar off and licked her wounds.    so now we are dealing with an infection on top of the heartworm meds.  but she will pull through.

for the next month she will be cage bound, and laying low while her body heals.   she is truly a little happy thing, and we are glad we have rescued her.

just a note on costs.  $400 initial visit for the paw, $1200 for the amputation of the leg we really didn’t want to lose, $800 for heartworm and meds.

if your feeling like donating to the cause please click below.    thank you!

jolieblon bone

here’s an update on our dog of the hour.   jolie blon was found off st bernard and 610 wandering through traffic, and it looked to me like she was looking for her owner in cars.   I have no clue on her story, other than she was limping and most likely going to get hit.   so I opened the car door.   she jumped in.

she smelled of death.  her foot was swollen three times larger than it should’ve but wasn’t broken.  from what we could tell she had gotten caught maybe in a trap and broken free.   a clean mark across the foot, which later opened up, and later began to fester worse, leading to the decision to save this dog by amputating her leg.

being the dog rescue type, I felt there was only one thing to do.    help her.

she is a loving possibly one year old lil girl, who knows how to sit, and is house trained.   I wonder if she was lost, stolen, escaped, trapped?   I will never know, but I do know that she is a loving animal that might have been seriously led to death or a fate that I cannot even think of.

jolieblonshe was underweight, under 30 pounds, and is still gaining, up to 37 pounds today.   its been about a week and a half?   here she is lying on the couch about to pass out from pain pills.   her stitches have been removed and she is joining our pack.   she lovingly follows my alpha around, and does everything she does… she drinks?  Jolie drinks.   Lula runs?   Jolie runs alongside.

its a joy to know that I saved this baby, but it also cost us a fortune.   she still has to deal with a mild case of heartworm, and all her vaccines.   the amputation wasn’t cheap, and neither was the meds to get her on the road to recovery.   its a process.   but its one well worth it.

in honor of calacas y maracas and all those lil fur friends in need out there you can donate to our cause.    thank you all for staying tuned to our lil girl…


I’d like to mention a super duper thank you to dog day afternoon, and little friends emergency clinic in uptown new orleans for assisting and helping me save this little girl.

another jazzfest come and gone…

59 32 33 34awww….    super sunday, st joes nite, jazzfest, uptown, downtown, all over.   top picture is queen mardiclaw and jawbone, comin off super sunday ….   next picture at jazzfest with  ms bone jangles and wildman john, third picture is wildman john performing with juan pardo on the jazz and heritage stage last sunday of jazzfest, and the last picture is big chief, rhythm and bonez, celestial bonez, indiana bonez, jawbone, tchoupbone, queen kim, stikkman mike, babydoll kit, our jonbone in the back, and babydoll gwen in the back.   we sure had a good time.   all day, backstage and rolled at two thirty.   all hail WILD TCHOUPITOULAS, BABYDOLLS and SKINZ N BONEZ

JOLIE BLON rescue pup

lula jolieblon

to view the update above this, you will need to be logged into facebook.  thanks

for those wishing to donate to our lil girl.

I would post pictures but they are so disturbing its hard to see them.   so here’s our story of our lil jolie blon.  best guess is she was injured and her owner dumped her as she was in traffic going car to car looking for her owner.   whomever had her?   she had a wire or a snare trap or something around her ankle and it was severely compromised.   we are now looking at a doggie that will most likely have to have her leg amputated.   today she was taken to the vet and is being treated for the infection from the leg.   its a horrific thing to look at but she is a sweetheart and knows we are trying to help.

the surgery is probably going to be about 1200 dollars and right now just stabilizing her is at $400.   anything and everything helps.

bless this lil sweet pea.35


big queen mardiclaw and gallery opening

April 7th at the Crescent City Brewpub.    five pm to seven pm upstairs.  this is a great affair, with Rick Moore, Pauline Teel and Tom Harvey.      this once a year show always brings out the best of new orleans to hob nob and drink craft beer, and nosh.

come join us!62 61IF you are looking for big queens website, that would be at   or, OR  for online purchases go to fine art america / mardiclaw

see you there!

MARDIGRAS season is HERE… happy carnivale

1622714_786808271376194_694823993527351894_nwe are accepting new members for the 2015 gras season.

here’s a list of what parades we are rolling in

st jeanne of arc was jan 6th and we have already rolled that one, next parade up will be the mystic krewe of femme fatale on their first roll ever.    we are proud to drum and play a role in this historic moment in mardigras history.   that parade is sunday february 8th on the uptown new  orleans route.  Next up is Okeanos on sunday feb 15th on the WAY way uptown route.  first parade of the day there.    We also will be in the st roch bywater neighborhoods come mardigras day to wake you up.

other parades that we venture into are tit rex, chewbacchus and barkus.  these parades have separate dues through the organization.   for tit rex, we arrive prior to the roll for skinz n bonez doll set up and organization.

if your interested in joining us please contact us here, and we will get back to you shortly.   you can roll ONE parade, or go for the whole season….

we also will be present after the gras with the Wild Tchoupitoulas and st josephs nite, super sunday and jazzfest.

all hail the new season before us!

10923746_10155144322030604_1652057546411951260_n 10911463_10155144320580604_1789962360845033903_o 10898060_10152512380451428_8027172615043312490_n 10703754_781241011922090_1867037064245187351_n 10933820_913480975328887_5554796670581085744_n

the vampire lestat ball ALL HAIL PRINCE LESTAT AND ANNE RICE

this is a great video from the floor.    we had a great time, and it was truly lovely to meet THEE ANNE RICE and her son Christopher.       A Truly Blessed evening.

10615401_10152880464020452_8719336068046290972_n 10624638_10152898129561383_7740098868205321913_n 1932251_10204275038988733_476860087740917341_n 1487440_10152880464120452_4597095820733180406_n 532912_10152880464025452_2434158829801314560_n

we got the ways and means

to new orleans

goin down by the river where its warm and green

gonna have a drink

walk around

got alot to think about.

-concrete blonde


we have already done our skeleton pub crawl for animal rescue.   for those who know we do this its always the first week of october.  its an altar pub crawl, and this year we raised funds for the pet asylum and animal rescue.   below is a photo of us at the start with a few bulldogs from the new orleans bulldog rescue.  get their calendar for this fabulous photo by kim welsh  aka bone soir!

image courtesy of new orleans bulldog rescue and kim welsh

image courtesy of new orleans bulldog rescue and kim welsh


10708619_10152720290309383_8089610092884878583_owe got lots on our plates for the rest of the month.  beginning with krewe of boo on oct 30 rolling through the french quarter.   we will be carrying our dia de los muertos theme through the french quarter with our signature throw   a skeleton barbie doll.  these are recycled and hand painted   ONLY 200 will be available, so make sure you get out there and flag our barbie bonez down.

then we roll into the lestat ball on halloween, then will be romping through the french quarter.   on nov 1st we will honor Queen Mercy B / BABYDOLL with the Wild Tchoupitoulas on her 89th birthday.     Come NOV 2nd we will be out there for the day of the dead parade at dusk.

may you have a blessed holiday and honor those who came before you!   we will!

meet bone appetit, aka  skeleton barbie bonez!


Calacas Y Maracas 2014

Welcome to Calacas Y Maracas!  (Skeletons with Maracas )

Skinz N Bonez and Soul Sweepers yearly stroll through the French Quarter welcoming the fall season.

We began a tradition last year to raise awareness for animal rescue in the New Orleans area, and this year we specifically chose to honor the Pet Asylum in the French Quarter.


We also chose the month of October because of “Dia De Los Muertos”  or Day of the Dead.   The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died.  Each October families put together Altars or “Ofrendas”  honoring the deceased using sugar skulls, marigolds, and the favorite foods and beverages of the departed, and visiting graves with these as gifts.  Dia De Los Muertos is a month long celebration of Altars and gifts leading up to November 2nd  “ALL SOULS DAY”.   We will recreate a moving Altar crawl, with YOU as a key player.

As a participant, you will get to dress up skeleton, walk with Skinz N Bonez and Soul Sweepers LLC and Altar Crawl.   All while raising awareness of Day of the Dead, and Animal Rescue.  We urge you to bring drums, incense, pictures of those who have passed, offerings for those who have gone before you, and your joy de vivre as we drum and dance sing and chant our way to the designated stops.

each stop will have a happy hour special for those who participate.  We will also have a donation station on our Altar Float for those who wish to give more.

Partial Proceeds of this campaign will go to help the Pet Asylum located at 513 Dumaine in the Historic French Quarter.  Although they aren’t officially a Pet Rescue Group, they find themselves out there helping the community, searching for lost pets and returning them, helping injured animals, and finding homes for the abandoned.   We’d like to extend a hand to them for all the good they do for their community.

These stops will be for face painting along the route.   We will stagger our painters as we stroll down river.

Jumani    141 Chartres St

Molly’s on Toulouse 732 Toulouse  St

The Kerry 331 Decatur St


Erin Rose  811 Conti

Fahy’s Irish Pub 540 Burgundy

Spitfire 627 St Peter

The Golden Lantern 1239 Royal St

Lafittes Blacksmith Shop 941 Bourbon St


We URGE you to dress for Day Of The Dead or as a Skeleton.  If you need your face painted?  we will accomodate in the perks section.  Our artists are quick and do a beautiful job of recreating sugar skulls.  If you look in the pictures section you will see some of the beauty from last year.

Our Altar Crawl will be led by none other than “El Brujo”, who will guide us through the french quarter as we present an altar to each of the stops.   El Brujo is non other than the infamous Jose Torres-Tama, Latino Performance Artist.  Our Soul Sweepers will brush aside all previous juju and open the door for the stroll.  Each altar will be created by one of the members of Skinz N Bonez to honor that specific stop.   This is a fabulous romp through the Historic French Quarter on streets named by the Spanish came before us, and in the most reverent way possible, we will call out for those to walk with us.   Dogs are a major element within the veiled world and lead the way for those passed to those living.   Therefore we will honor all pets who protect and serve the living.  Dia De Los Muertos is a month long celebration leading up to Nov 2nd ALL SOULS DAY.

Come Join us for this wonderful stroll through the Historic Quarter with New Orleans only female bone gang….    Listen to the drums, hear the whispers of those who came before us, and celebrate the beginning of the fall season.



find us on facebook, and twitter  #bonegangnola

go to the link above, indiegogo and join in the fun.

All Hail the Skeleton Barbie!

skelliebarbwe are super busy creating these dolls for krewe of boo.    once completed?  they will be THEE DOLL to own.    these are some coming off the production line, still got to dress them out, but you get the idea.  stay tuned for finished barbies!

our fabulous skellie barbies on the production line.

our fabulous skellie barbies on the production line.

this years going to be great.   lets begin with the skeleton barbie.  we take donations of barbies all the time because we believe that recycling is a good thing.   Barbiebonez never looked so good, so this year we will be throwing them for krewe of boo parade on oct 30th.   skinz n bonez n soul sweepers LLC has been picked for next years krewe of boo signature throw.   get yours before everyone else, and get one from the krewe that started them!    thee big easel presents  the skeleton barbie.

how do you reserve one?   your pledge of $50 to skinz n bonez through our paypal account will not only get one sent to you via mail, or locally delivered…  it also helps us with the costs of paint and glitter.    what better way to celebrate your inner bone than a skinz n bonez barbie.   all skellies will be sent as they come off the line.   order yours now before october, so you can add her to your crown.