Like that Bulldog painting? you can win it.

bulldogsyes indeed.    you can buy yourself a raffle ticket right here online.    tickets are five dollars, for this Big Queen Mardiclaw original.   all proceeds will go to New Orleans Bulldog Rescue.  thats right.   IN case you don’t win, we will also have these for sale in Giclee form all month long, and those proceeds will also go to new orleans bulldog rescue.

get your ticket now.   drawing to be held on Dia De Los Muertos, so you got till november second my darlings to purchase a ticket right here.

happy raffle babies!

calcacas y maracas october 3rd / new orleans bulldog rescue

bulldogsThis years event will begin at buffa’s, golden lantern, spitfire, then the friendly bar aka the green bar.   We have chosen New Orleans Bulldog Rescue as our charity, and we shall have several bulldogs on hand for the stroll.     They will be available for adoption, and will be current on all their shots.

We chose New Orleans Bulldog Rescue for several reasons.   The main reason is obvious, they care about the homeless population of animals, and care that they are relocated to good homes.   Currently they are fighting for the Spay and Neuter Laws here in New Orleans, and take the time to foster, and find homes for some of the most forgotten animals in this city.   for more information on New Orleans Bulldog Rescue you can find them on facebook,  and you can also find them at

Rescue. Advocacy. Celebration!

New Orleans Bulldog Rescue (NOBR) is a rescue and advocacy organization dedicated to the welfare of dogs in New Orleans and beyond.

 In addition to rehabilitating and/or rehoming all breeds of dogs, NOBR strives to promote public education regarding responsible pet ownership, and practical public policy that supports the rights of both humans and animals.  New Orleans Bulldog Rescue is supported by the “NOBR Canine Aid & Pleasure Club” which welcomes all human and canine members.

we shall meet at 7 pm at buffa’s where we will have face painters on hand to make you a skeleton.   all fee’s for face painting belong to our bone artists.

to roll in the pub crawl we ask a ten dollar donation which you can pay online right here, or you can pay directly to us at any one of the bars.    each bar will have facepainters so that you feel like you are part of the dia de los perros moment.  (day of the dog)

We bring this each year to the french quarter for several reasons.   Being the start of October means that its time to build an Altar in your home to remember those who came before us.    OUR rolling Altar comes with us each year on this so you can bring incense, candles, pictures of loved ones passed and beyond.   We bring an altar to each bar we visit, and that altar is made for that bar.

Won’t you join us in this wonderful opportunity to give thanks to those before us, and to help our four legged friends find a home?



ten year katrina walk / wear your red shoes cause there’s no place like home

11830192_441604086025673_1956277848_nwe will meet in the street and start at miss mae’s.   two pm sat aug 29th.

in honor of big chief jolly of the wild tchoupitoulas, we ask that you save your tears and only be jolly, dress to impress, and wear your red shoes.   a five dollar donation to join skinz n bonez and wildman john and queen kim of the wild tchoupitoulas will go to fund a bead class for children at the lyons center uptown.    on the route we will walk to le bon temps, kingpin, grits, and end at 45 tchoup.  your donation gets you happy hour prices at each stop.

won’t you join us and celebrate the culture of the mardigras indians?

a special thanks from us to the community #Dodfest

Skinz n Bonez, St Anna’s Episcopal, Dodwell House, DODFest and OUR KIDS want to THANK our AMAZING FRIENDS for such AWESOME AUCTION + RAFFLE Love!


for those looking to pay with credit card for silent auction please 

and a special thank you for supporting that raffle.

I think the kids raffle was particularly fun, since they all got to get on stage, talk, play, and win win win.
— Kabuki Hats — Ogden Museum of Southern Art — Audubon Nature Institute — The Saenger Theatre — Pandora’s Snowballs — Beanstalk Kids & Maternity — Casa Borrega — The Velvet Cactus — Pizza Nola: Lakeview’s Savory Cafe — New Orleans Shakespeare Festival at Tulane — New Orleans Museum of Art — Friends of City Park — Dog Day Afternoon, LLC — Reby Rae — Thriving Wellness Reiki — Small Change Finery — Golden Lantern Bar — Fahy’s Irish Pub — Rick Moore — Melba’s Old School Po Boys — Plum Street Snoballs — William P Smith Jr — Mellow Mushroom Oak Street NOLA — Natural Hair Community — The National WWII Museum — Dr. Bob — McClure’s Barbecue — Mystic Krewe of Femme Fatale “Enchantress” — Krewe of Okeanos Parade — Krewe of Boo — The Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus — Pussyfooters—Missing Links—Margie Perez—Stuart McNair—Al Carnival Time Johnson— Browncoats — Treme Community Choir — Darryl Durham — Anna’s Kids  — Wild Tchoupitoulas — Creole Wild Wild West — Father Bill — Skinz N Bonez —


#dodwellhouse #dodfest #annasplaceforkids #gratitude #supportlocal

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HOW to become a member

1959399_10153863278415046_1919840478_nwe have so much fun.    here we are above rolling in the krewe of chewbacchus.   a great parade during the mardigras season

skinz sign another shot of us from 6t’9 social aid and pleasureskinzkrewedelusion 1374318_10202397705083793_591099594_nanba dlo DSC_6549 krewe of booDSC_6567krewe of boo DSC_6578krewe of boo, wobble wobble wobble, big frida kahlo DSC_6600krewe of boo is coming in october 1454693_503962746366246_200962662_n come join the bonegang71456_10152739078275368_1224363053_nvoodoofest okeanos roll first year. okeanos parade mardigrascalaca's y maracas 1653362_10152221523039806_283052870_n happiness is being in a bonegang250365_10150192978106428_3600856_nbig chief sunpie barnes and big queen mardiclaw   mardigras day 255622_10150195957451428_5514676_n the gatekeeper of northside skull and bone gang and big queen mardiclaw on mardigras day1966723_10152243803256093_1740779722_nkrewe of barkus, with lula catahoula and big queen

we are taking on new members as we go through the summer months heading into october.  our events begin early in october, with calacas y maracas to raise funds this year for new orleans bulldog rescue.   this entails a pub crawl of skeletons to kick off the day of the dead season.

then anne rice ball, hotel performances, international fest, and krewe of boo.

membership is $50 to roll with us in the krewe of boo parade, and an update for the october charity event for bulldog rescue is listed above in calacas y maracas.

come join the bone gang.  find us on facebook, skinz n bonez, skinz n bonez dolls, on twitter, #bonegangnola, and right here on the interwebs.


another jazzfest come and gone…

59 32 33 34awww….    super sunday, st joes nite, jazzfest, uptown, downtown, all over.   top picture is queen mardiclaw and jawbone, comin off super sunday ….   next picture at jazzfest with  ms bone jangles and wildman john, third picture is wildman john performing with juan pardo on the jazz and heritage stage last sunday of jazzfest, and the last picture is big chief, rhythm and bonez, celestial bonez, indiana bonez, jawbone, tchoupbone, queen kim, stikkman mike, babydoll kit, our jonbone in the back, and babydoll gwen in the back.   we sure had a good time.   all day, backstage and rolled at two thirty.   all hail WILD TCHOUPITOULAS, BABYDOLLS and SKINZ N BONEZ

big queen mardiclaw and gallery opening

April 7th at the Crescent City Brewpub.    five pm to seven pm upstairs.  this is a great affair, with Rick Moore, Pauline Teel and Tom Harvey.      this once a year show always brings out the best of new orleans to hob nob and drink craft beer, and nosh.

come join us!62 61IF you are looking for big queens website, that would be at   or, OR  for online purchases go to fine art america / mardiclaw

see you there!

MARDIGRAS season is HERE… happy carnivale

1622714_786808271376194_694823993527351894_nwe are accepting new members for the 2015 gras season.

here’s a list of what parades we are rolling in

st jeanne of arc was jan 6th and we have already rolled that one, next parade up will be the mystic krewe of femme fatale on their first roll ever.    we are proud to drum and play a role in this historic moment in mardigras history.   that parade is sunday february 8th on the uptown new  orleans route.  Next up is Okeanos on sunday feb 15th on the WAY way uptown route.  first parade of the day there.    We also will be in the st roch bywater neighborhoods come mardigras day to wake you up.

other parades that we venture into are tit rex, chewbacchus and barkus.  these parades have separate dues through the organization.   for tit rex, we arrive prior to the roll for skinz n bonez doll set up and organization.

if your interested in joining us please contact us here, and we will get back to you shortly.   you can roll ONE parade, or go for the whole season….

we also will be present after the gras with the Wild Tchoupitoulas and st josephs nite, super sunday and jazzfest.

all hail the new season before us!

10923746_10155144322030604_1652057546411951260_n 10911463_10155144320580604_1789962360845033903_o 10898060_10152512380451428_8027172615043312490_n 10703754_781241011922090_1867037064245187351_n 10933820_913480975328887_5554796670581085744_n

the vampire lestat ball ALL HAIL PRINCE LESTAT AND ANNE RICE

this is a great video from the floor.    we had a great time, and it was truly lovely to meet THEE ANNE RICE and her son Christopher.       A Truly Blessed evening.

10615401_10152880464020452_8719336068046290972_n 10624638_10152898129561383_7740098868205321913_n 1932251_10204275038988733_476860087740917341_n 1487440_10152880464120452_4597095820733180406_n 532912_10152880464025452_2434158829801314560_n

we got the ways and means

to new orleans

goin down by the river where its warm and green

gonna have a drink

walk around

got alot to think about.

-concrete blonde