Merci for the Magic! /Calacas Y Maracas! a parade and fundraiser

We are approaching our favorite time of year.  Put on your Skellie face, so you don’t feel outa place…

Each year in the Fall we gather to raise funds for animal rescue.  This year we chose German Shepherd Rescue.   We choose a different rescue group each year because there are so many, and many don’t get the funds or recognition they deserve.

We are teaming up with Merci for the Magic, a carriage parade in the quarter this year.   you simply pay $10 and you get to roll with us.   You will need to purchase your own Candy to throw, and you’ll need to paint your faces, OR our painters will do it for you.  of course facepainting is separate from the parade tax.

this parade throws candy to children and adults.    we ask everyone to bring candy, but please put candy in small bags.    No small pieces of candy thrown, as they end up in our sewers, so please package candies in small bags, OR like this….

give a bone a hand….candy glovewe have found that smartees work great for fingers, and a spider ring as well on ring finger.   be creative!  you can do anything you like, but we must keep candy in bags or gloves.

we will roll on  MONDAY Oct third….   here’s the skinny from Boutique Du Vampyre who hosts this yearly event ushering the fall and various fall oriented shops in the French Quarter of New Orleans…

Join us for the 2nd annual Merci for the Magic Halloween Kick Off Parade! The magical shops and organizations of the French Quarter want to thank everyone for their continued support! Our mystical buggy parade will snake through the French Quarter, throwing the first treats of the year, and some creepy tricks too. This year our creepy throw is BBQ Crickets. Sleepy Hallow has agreed to lend us the Headless Horseman again to lead the way! We look forward to seeing you all there. Parade Route will be posted soon!

--- headless

cost is ten dollars, please mark payment for calacas ya maracas

we ask you dress in day of the dead clothing, skeleton attire, or bride and groom, tuxedos, baren samedi, voodoo, etc.   our facepainters will take it from there.

we encourage everyone to join us in the parade, then while the carriages breakdown after parade, we will take you on a mini pub crawl to a couple of dog friendly bars in new orleans as we stroll to raise more money.   our drummers will bring the magic, and you bring yourselves.    we will then stroll into the ball in style, as we celebrate the magic of the Historical French Quarter.

Big Queen Here

lets talk about the bonez.   This fall you will see us on the big screen for “Jack Reacher 2 / Never Go Back”.    We had so much fun in the five nights of filming in the French Quarter.  Mr Cruise was a lovely gentleman who seemed to enjoy every moment on the job, including scenes where he graced SNB with his talent for playing the good guy.   Look for us in the Krewe Of Boo scenes while he chases bad guys while trying to save the girl!    then look for us as we play drums, and dance dance dance.

We recently teamed up with Ruffriders Transport to raise funds for animal rescue.   Ruffriders provides transport for dogs on kill lists here in Louisiana and transports them to NO kill shelters in the north.   If you feel like donating to this cause you can hit the donate button, and write ruffriders…   We will be painting their van in the fall to enhance their mission.

we will be meeting over the summer for drum practice at various times.   to get on the mailing list, please send your info to

and now?  for your viewing pleasure….

painting of kim for sure 68024_485723421459698_1271181070_n 996946_10151805531797762_800684782_n horrorfilm shot

image courtesy of new orleans bulldog rescue and kim welsh

image courtesy of new orleans bulldog rescue and kim welsh

10703743_715727831844714_1214295502732868752_n 12512553_1689784294640495_1970327908738431331_n 12640439_1689793307972927_7738593748703608958_o 12642846_1513849762253754_592991727106818422_n 12642588_1689813867970871_3579159561528229934_n just tuesday DSC_9122 DSC_9205 DSC_9373 DSC_9369 DSC_9674 DSC_9373 DSC_9323 DSC_9454 DSC_9497 12647280_10208591864739890_239152584260566467_n apocalypse

how to join

we have a big fall coming up

here’s some of the events.   southern writers convention, new orleans horrorfest, merci for the magic halloween carriage parade, krewe of boo, anne rice ball, cemetary stroll and secondline for save our cemetaries, calacas y maracas, wedding strolls, hotel entertainment, day of the dead parade, then we will come in for january with joan of arc parade, krewedelusion, mystic krewe of femme fatale, box of wine, and mardigras day.


to join our membership fees start at $50.00.  there are several parades this year with their own parade taxes, most notably krewedelusion and box of wine.

to begin to participate, just send us $50 and we will begin the process.   we are a drumming krewe, and we hand make our throws.    we are always looking for new talents, and welcome you to the fold.


all hail skinz n bonez

rockin bonez

12509487_10154484190662564_937729917998245285_nJoan of Arc parade10294_10153902435578410_6307015724094329297_nhangin with a bone named sue.DSC_9209DSC_9112Kim Smallwood aka Rockin’ Bone took her bone name from a Ronnie Dawson song, “There’s still a lot of rhythm in these Rockin’ Bones.” Her chosen instrument for now are the Maracas, due to her inexperience, but is kickin’ around the idea of becoming a drummer or even a washboard player for Skinz N Bonez. Originally from Northern California, New Orleans called to her for years to make it her home. Like so many others, it got its claws in her and wouldn’t let go until she settled here permanently. She is a lover and collector of anything mid 20th century and you can find her scouring estate sales, small town antique stores, and local thrift stores for treasures to add to her collections or for resale. Her personal motto is: “Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’”


10264963_10154458685284128_2944863043756457274_n 940863_10153903107263410_3094326222262569915_n 10307418_10207226015821207_5465567289561456225_n

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.” ~ Pablo Picasso

Broken Bonez is an artist

Her painting style is very raw and in the moment, She doesn’t  plan out her work and even if she did they would be something completely different in the end. When she looks at art she wants it to evoke moods or ideas – not just be a pretty picture, so I guess you could classify her art style to be Childlike Art Brut / Outsider Art. Her artwork has been shown in galleries all over the US, Mexico, Canada, Turkey, and France. Right now you can find her live painting and selling original pieces in the French Quarter at Pirates Alley a few times a month and she ships worldwide from  online website and from  etsy shop. – Lana Guerra / Crude Things and

besides being a painter, Lana also is a clothing designer.   Our little Broken Bonez is also known within skinz n bonez as OUR belly dancer…  of course no apocalypse would be complete without her leading, with gunz n bonezez and bone a dette.apocalypse

Glabella Bonez

glabella two glabellaLike most New Orleanians, Maria Glabella Bone has several jobs and many creative inclinations. Over-educated in anthropology and copious amounts of literature, she works for Groundwork New Orleans, doing environmental education and applied social science on the better days, doing a lot of administrative stuff on the meh days, and planting trees or exploring swamps on the best ones. She is also a professional editor (contact her at if you need some editorial work, whether it’s a cover letter or dissertation or horror sci-fi masterpiece), and does a variety of consulting work, including curriculum design and grant writing. She paints and loves inventive crafting and costuming; you may have seen her around town as a Binder Full of Women, a blackberry ice cream cone, or a Yip-Yip Alien. She sings (first soprano, but she can get down looooow). And she bones.


DSC_9105 I am not from New Orleans, but I got here as quick as I could. I am from Indiana. I am a Desert Storm veteran from the Navy. I am a Mom, Grandma, and wife. I probably own more tutus than my grandbaby. I LOVE to cook, draw, make crafts. I Love to play the maracas with the Bonez, though I untimately want to see if I can conquer drums. By day I am a mild mannered pencil pusher, by night I am a Bone

occasionally also a bearded oyster.  I am a chef du jour, and I am family.


Stewbone.. aka Stuart McNair

I thought I would begin with this clip, because its just so Stuart.     When we filmed for Jack Reacher there was a piano inside the school lunch room that was our holding area.   Stuart entertained everyone off set into the wee hours of four am…  this so reminds me of the joy he expresses when given the opportunity to play for others.

OF course, no blog here about bonez would be complete if I didn’t include stuarts blog….

nor proper without the connection to reverbnation…

lets not forget his photography either

oh and then there’s you tube channel of goodness..

either way we put it, stewbonez has tons of stuff goin on around the city.  From playing solo gigs in the clubs to sitting in with so many bands around town, hanging out with Wildman John of the Wild Tchoupitoulas, to drumming with Skinz N Bonez.  he’s no ordinary sweeper.



they call her bibliobonez

DSC_9172 DSC_9239BiblioBone, when not out and about enjoying the glorious food and good times to be had, is a an Information Technologist, Archivist, and Librarian. She considers this her fourth lifetime in New Orleans, and is grateful for every minute. She has a passion for our wetlands and restoring our coast, is a dog lover with a particular soft spot for Catahoulas and Pibbles and a SciFi nerd who also rolls with the Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus.