Skinz N Bonez is New Orleans only Female Bone Gang.  Founded in 2011
during BOW parade, and then debuting at MSMG, the BONEZ can be found
every sunday in their den THE HI HO LOUNGE.  These Ladies are
committed to Dancing, Chanting, Drumming, and Fundraising to continue
the culture of New Orleans Secondlines, Mardigras Mischief and Mayhem.

9 thoughts on “Everybody Must Get Boned

  1. Skinz ~n~ Bonez… Skinz ~n~ Bonez…
    Prettiest Bonez,
    In All The City…

    Occupy delusion!!! Keep a Bone out to get one of our Awesome handmade Skellie Throw during this Carnival Season!!!

    “Laissez Les BONEZ Temps Rouler!

    1. hey lynn,
      sorry I took so long to get back at you. we’ve been taking a break, and will be reforming on august 25th, uptown for midsummer mardigras. the theme is motorboatin, and the bonez? will be doing a gilligans island theme, WITH natives! my personal email is and we will be posting an invite soon on facebook for new recruits.

      this season promises to be bigger and better, with 6t’9 halloween parade for the kids, and anba dlo, both being up and coming events in the fall.

      the party on the 25th, will be a bbq, and potluck. more to come.

      big queen mardiclaw!

  2. Hey Ya’ll! The White Hat Krewe aka Krewe du Wani…lol…send a very special thank you for the awesome gift bags fully loaded with specialty Bonez Throwz, the beautiful feather headdress, feather boas and the card ya’ll delivered during Krewe de Vieux!! That was just way toooo sweet! Thank you for keeping these lil guys in yo Skelly Minds!!! Much love!! XOXO

  3. It’s so shiny and new! Hey where’s YeMaYa? Those were pretty too… Much love to our creator! Love my boney sistahs and sweeper bruthas! XOXO

  4. Saw Skinz nBonez the night of Krewe de Vieux. Then met a member at the Bingo Show at One Eyed Jacks and enjoyed hearing the Skinz n Bonez story . after that awesome conversation I had to find y’all on the web. Too bad I had the kiddies on MG day or else I might have hunted y’all down to have some fun. I did catch up with some Indians at 2nd and Dryades late that evening . Thanks T from Cali for clueing me in and taking in the Bingo show. I hope our paths cross again in our travels.

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