This season is  our best yet.  On January Sixth we roll Jeanne D’arc , or as the city calls this parade The Krewe Of Joan of Arc.   We are officially members and a subkrewe of this lovely parade.   This year we came out with boney ponies in lieu of Joans journeys and our lovely statue that watches over our city.

This year was a special year for Joan because this parade has hit 10 years!  I can remember vividly the first year she rolled, and I followed the parade as it wound through the quarter.   The beauty and growth of this parade mirrors the growth of New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina.


This year New Orleans celebrates 300 years and joins forces with our New Sister City Orleans, France.   All Hail!  Among the toasts along the parade route we find the Mayor of Orleans up on a balcony!    ALL HAIL!

Further down the parade route we find the maiden Joan, warrior Joan, and then our Joan who was played by Miss Faye Mills this year…. marching to be burned.   Skinz N Bonez provides the chants leading up to the Flaming Heretic Joan who walks behind us.    Chants of Judgement, Death, Burn the Witch abound as we drum our way through the quarter.  Our Joan screaming “Bishop, I die for you”  as the crowds cheer and jeer us.     We absolutely love this parade.   boneYou can find us this season in KreweDelusion on january 27th behind Krewe Du Vieux, then find us uptown on Feb 7th with our Joan of Arc Horsekrewe rolling in Druids, and then uptown on Bacchus sunday Feb 11th… as we bring the wine to the Gods and Goddesses upon the parade route for Box Of Wine.

On Mardigras Day you can find us coming out of the Artisan Cafe on St Claude at franklin avenue.   We will do a run through the neighborhood waking everyone up as tradition calls us.

We Shed our Flesh to the bone to remind the living that life is short and fleeting and you should get up and enjoy Mardigras Day!

All Hail Skinz N Bonez!

photo courtesy of Roy Guste
photo courtesy of Roy Guste

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