we are proud to announce our participation not only as a krewe, but as a family style krewe.  skinz n bonez like no other.


the bone gang, is also good friends with the one and only Ronald Lewis, the gatekeeper of the northside skull and bonez gang.   We love Ronald, and if you haven’t visited the house of dance and feathers?  its a must.


st joan of arc parade


and sometimes?  they go out on epiphany, and cross paths with the king of misrule…    all on a st joan of arc parade night in the french quarter.  these lovely bonez showing support for the maiden of new orleans.

“butterflies in clouds accompanied her standard: pigeons miraculously fluttered towards her, men fell into rivers and were drowned, and dead babies yawned and came to life.  flocks of little birds perched on bushes to watch her making war.

-saint joan of arc by vita sackville-west









One thought on “skinz n bonez 2011

  1. Awesome job Krewe! Wish we could be there this year. Shout out from Indy to our friendz Barbie Bonez & Mardi Claw!

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