we are doing a daily trifecta.   today we feature a mom and daughter team who recently joined us for the season.   Our season begins in october, and then runs through jazzfest of the following year.   DSC_9091 DSC_9090On the left here is “I.C.U. bone”,   on the right is “Twitchbone”.  These lovely bonez rolled together this year for Okeanos… and the crowds loved every minute.   ICUbone runs Epoch Gatherings in the New Orleans Healing Center.located at 2372 St Claude Ave.   ICUbone makes all kinda goodness, from jewelry to beadwork and is known also for working with Mardigras Indians on their suits with her beautiful beadwork patches.   A sacred thing it is!    You will find her at the Sacred Music Festival this year working with Mardigras Indian Children and a secondline and performance.   Her Daughter is a student, and an accountant.   You can see that she and her Mom are both very creative, and fun loving ladies.   We are blessed to have a family within a family in our bone krewe.   lets not forget Dad either, who is a support bone for us.

DSC_9205here is our boney family prior to roll on Okeanos morning.  What a lovely group of good humer coming towards you on the parade route when we roll.   We would like to thank Rick Moore again, for capturing us on this bright and beautiful bacchus sunday mourning.    stay tuned for tomorrow’s update, cause its SKY HIGH….

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