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Hi my name is Karson Kelley. I’m 35 years old 190 pounds 5’9″ with moments of being 10-15 feet tall. I like huge capes, enormous top hats, and long walks between gigantic floats down St Charles Ave with good friends beating fierce drum beats. Ive been a stilt walker and fire breather for almost 7 years now. That with my creative mind and my day job of being a hair colorist and cutter have taken me all over this country and earned me a wide and diverse clientele from all over the world. Most recently my stilts and fire play have taken me to the one and only Burning Man. There directly under the man I met and worked with the incomparable Miss Indiana Bonez. She promptly took me under her wing and brought me into her world of New Orleans to be a part of one of the most unique Krewes I’ve ever seen,  Skinz n Bonez. They showed me a deeply cultural side of Mardi Gras that few are ever privileged to experience and did me the honor of naming me Glitter Bonez. My life has been one big adventure after another and I have got to celebrate many amazing things with many unique people in many beautiful places. Festivals, parties, and big events, are all awesome but there is nothing quite like walking tall down the middle of St Charles Ave as part of Skinz n Bonez following the Soul Sweepers feeling the thunderous roar of New Orleans people celebrating on that Mardi Gras day. If you would like to follow my future adventures or get in touch with me check out my website www.karsonkelley.com.

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