mardigras mourning went off about five am for the bonegals….  we hit ann linn’s homespace gallery for a kick off with a brass band, members of several bands, who came out to make noise with us.  The B.O.M.B. bearded oysters marching band, some of the pair o dice tumblers, and more.  we ate some lovely cupcakes, banana bread, mimosa’s, bloody mary’s and coffee, before we headed to high bohemia!   Miss Jessica Ruby was pleased to be awakened by us, and then the skull club, Lewis-KDV, over to mardigras zone, even a stop at kajuns pub, and then over to Alan’s house for a lovely breakfast party, with sandwich biscuits, burrito’s, mimosa’s, bloodys, shots, wine, fruit, king cake and more!

We hit the streets after that  feast to meet up with the bywater bone boys, and krewe zoolu where we made up at least several blocks of skellie madness.    then on to martha’s house from the st roch tavern for more drinks, and more noise.   we rounded out by hitting the streets for st anne, and schiro’s, where steve graced us with more mimosa’s, and baileys cupcakes with jameson creme filling.   We headed from there to the R BAR, and of special note?  the wonderful TROJAN HORSE was out there, and more.   lots of great costumes, friends, and then over to the backstreet cultural museum, where we bumped into guardians of the flame, and the northside skull and bone.  it was a wonderful day that was magical, and mystical.

The grande finale, if you kept up?  was the mardigras indian orchestra at the hi ho lounge, featuring a bevy of famous musicians, on stage, playing many sets, and dancing, eating, and drinking into the early hours of the evening, where we all departed, and collapsed with boney dreams of next year.

What can I say?   all on a mardigras day!

5 thoughts on “all on a mardigras day!

  1. This was my first experience with Skinz and Bonez. Met a group of beautiful lady skeltons who started their parade with a song. First line went something like “We creep up to your home to get you awake. Chorus – Yeah, Skinz and Bonez. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could send me the words. If not, hope to see you next year.

    1. We are the Skinz N Bonez
      We creep up to your homes
      And scare you wide awake
      On Mardi Gras Day

      SKINZ!… BONEZ!…
      SKINZ!… BONEZ!…

      We’re comin’ way before dawn
      And the Indians sing their songs
      They play that Hoo-Nah-Nay
      And walk the other way

      We’re bangin’ up the street
      We’re clangin’ at your feet
      Waking up the neighborhood
      It’s for your own good

      Bring out those Baby Dolls
      Gotta see them Northside Skulls
      We’ll all be comin’ round
      Rising from the underground

  2. You guys were great. A group of us (a dozen or more) come down and dress up for every day at Mardi Gras (usually Thursday through Fat Tuesday) from Washington D.C. every year! We love it and several of us area seriously looking into moving to N.O. in the next few years.
    Thanks a bunch for the “Photo Bone” bottle cap (neat idea).

    1. we would love to invite you to join us this year.
      please stay in touch, we have a fabulous mardigras day, with sponsers who feed us, and keep us in adult beverages, while we wake up the neighborhood!

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