end of dreuxwhose that fabulous lady with the headdress?

She’s just a mountain biking, polar plunging, NOLA parading rural family doc with a PNW heart and Louisiana Soul. She’s got preKatrina history with the city she calls her true love, and regardless of clinical practice or triathlon season schedules, she makes a point of coming home to bone it up with her Skinz’n’Bonez family and her Unicorn brethren from IKoC’s PUEWC, when she’s not up to something else that is;) KahLua Bonez may not live here, but she LIVEs here… “The best parts of my heart are spilled out in New Orleans, and there’s a cosmic pull to come back again and again to the places and people I can’t seem to live without. My soul has a place here in the water and the iron and the sweet olive, and as I leave laughter and tears and life with her, in turn, I take some of NOLA with me when I go.”

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