la-lloronaShe is 30 by 40, acrylic and painted by Queen Mardiclaw.   This Lovely painting depicts the legendary La Llorona also known as the Weeping Woman.

For over 500 years and even in the age of space travel and global warming, in many parts of Mexico you can still hear the echo of a lamentation.  A woman wanders in the middle of the night, through vacant lots, in alleyways with walls of volcanic rock or of quarry stone; weeping over the death of her children.

This woman still makes children as well as old-timers tremble with terror, from the lowlands of the Bajío region and even to the southeast of Mexico. She’s “La Llorona”- (The Weeping Woman).

This is the ancient legend that every Mexican child hears either from the mouth of his grandfather or passed on by some school friend that wants to play a joke on him.  There’s even a rock’ n roll song that reflects the way that we still get together with this mythical woman.

But the Weeping Woman is much more than a ghost or an apparition. It’s got nothing to do with horrible women with bloody eyes or sharp, pointed teeth. It’s not just a paranormal entity or nor some insane woman who inspired a tale. La Llorona is a woman both faceless and ageless, a compendium of many symbols and pre-Hispanic deities. She’s both a condemned woman and at the same time, a goddess bearing an ominous message.

In some Stories, she is a Woman in love with a Man who doesn’t want her because she has children.  So she takes her children to the river and drowns them.   Returning to her lover she tells him she is free only to find out that he now doesn’t want her because she is a murderer.    She flings herself into the River and drowns herself, forever haunting roadsides at night when the veil of the living and the dead is thin.

Skinz N Bonez will be doing homage to her this friday at the Anne Rice Ball.  We are selling raffle tickets to raise funds to help with the Ball itself.    Tickets are five dollars each, and you can buy as many as you like.

see the link below.   We will wait until after the Day of the Dead to pull the winning ticket.

good luck

shipping costs will go to the winner of this fine gem.  The gold literally shimmers.

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