we got 16 bonez a new theme song this year, and got the opportunity to be on the mourning news!

its funny folks misspell our name, but it was still hilarious to get out there on mardigras day and bring our brand of wake up to the lower garden district and revellers on the neutral ground of st charles avenue.  SO I thought I’d tell a story through pictures.    We will come back shortly with a good read.   we promise.   ALL HAIL SNB!

2017-bonethoth rolls and we stop to sing 2017-bowcurt mcClain catches us in box of wine 2017-box-of-winecurt mcClain catches crowella, glabella and biblio bonez on the box of wine route 2017-chloe-krewe-of-erisour chloe gypsy junk at eris at dawn 2017-crabbyour portland krewe at crabby jacks 2017-delusion-gustebig queen backstreet courtesy of roy guste prior to delusion 2017-delusionkim welsh captures big queen and the drumFcorps at delusion 2017-gunsgunz n Bonez and rockin bonez at thoth 2017-imagesdeep fried photo at delusion 2017-katherinekatherine joins us for thoth 2017-lana-krewe-of-pouxour broken bonez lana at krewe of poux 2017-lineupIndiana and mamawanna at thoth 2017-lisagetting by with some help from your bonez on thoth sunday 2017-mcbig queen stops for thoth  thanks henry york 2017-mgdayhair n bone and rattlin bonez mardigras morning 2017-newsjoining the fox news team mardigras morning 2017-paperin the paper again! 2017-st-annesRnB in society of st anne 2017-tbonetbone, rythym n bone and indiana bonez make the times picayune for thoth 2017-the-times 2017-thothcrowella and bone a dette gettin ready for thoth 2017-tht 2017-thugsy-mgdaythugsy the clown on mardigras day / his skellie brellie is a beautiful homage to his mom who recently passed.    rest in peace mom.   we love you! 2017-truetrue and queen at thoth 2017-wake-upmardigras morning at john snowdons house


more to come.   much love to all.  stay tuned.    we got some good times ahead.

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