Q: Why do you dress as skeletons? 

A: Every human regardless of gender, status, race, or creed has one thing in common: a skeleton. Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think!

Q: Can men join SnB? 

A: In short, yes we have male members. We aim to keep our integrity as a women’s krewe, but our male members are valuable krewe-mates. If you’re of the male persuasion and you’d like to join, all it takes is a conversation!

Q: How do I become a bone? 

A: Well, first you become a WISHBONE! Click “Join the Krewe” above for more information.

Q: What kind of a time commitment am I making if I join? 

A: First and foremost, we are a VOLUNTEER organization. You don’t have to show up to everything. Not gonna lie, y’all – we are a VERY active krewe for several months out of the year. We call ourselves a FAMILY because we spend so much time together. We typically meet twice a week, once for rehearsals and once for crafting. Not every bone does both! In fact, most bones don’t! After joining the krewe, YOU decide how involved you’d like to be! We do have mandatory rehearsals as special events approach for those who want to participate in specific parades/performances. We have SEVERAL out of town bones that come in just for one or two events per year.

Q: Does it cost money to join? 

A: Short answer? YES. It’s not free – we do a lot with our dues money. Our yearly dues start at only $50 if you pay at the beginning of each season (August), and slowly go up (to a max of $100) as the year rolls by. We are one of the most cost effective krewes out there. Our collective money goes to parade throws and participation fees for events like KreweDelusion and Box of Wine.

Q: Tell me about your throws!

A: Our signature parade throws are skeleton BARBIES. We scoop up as many naked barbies as we possibly can throughout the year. If you have any to donate, please get in touch with us! On Monday nights throughout the year we paint, glitter, and dress the barbies. Akin to Purses (Nyx) and Shoes (Muses), our barbies are a catch! Each one is numbered with an SnB card attached. We typically throw 500+ per season.  Most of our other throws are handmade, including jewelry and corks.

Q: I have another question and you didn’t answer it!

A: Hit “Get in Touch!” on the menu above, and ask away!