Stop in to meet us! You can find us rehearsing and getting into all kinds of boney mischief at the two venues we call home:

Poor Boys bar (1328 St. Bernard Ave.)

Artisan Cafe (2514 St. Claude)

We typically swap back and forth between these two venues depending on whether we have “short ribs” (kids) in attendance for rehearsals. For the month of October (2017), we’ll pretty much always be at Artisan Cafe on Thursday nights. If you want to check us out, send us a quick message and we’ll be happy to let you know where practice is!

We rehearse at 7pm every Thursday night. The venues (and our rehearsals) are open to the public.

Can’t make Thursdays? NO problem! We craft on Monday nights at our Big Queen’s house from 7-9pm! Email us or find us on FACEBOOK to ask for the address! There is often another crafting session uptown on Wednesday evenings for those who can’t make Monday. Want to get in shape with us? We run parade marching rehearsals at the Lakefront, bimonthly at Sunset.

While our membership is OPEN, we do have some vetting procedures to ensure all new potential members  are a good fit for our krewe! New members (for the first several months) are called WISHBONES until they’ve decided on (or been gifted) a BONE NAME. We typically recruit a few new members before our busy fall season begins, however you’re welcome to contact us at any time if you’re interested in joining.

Note: Not all of our members are musicians or creative/artistic. Some join because they’ve never had experience with drums or crafting and want to give it a shot! While our most active members include our drum corps/performance troupe as well as those who participate in our weekly craft nights, we have lots of roles to fill! Don’t be intimidated if you see us on the streets and say, “I’d love to check them out, but I’m not a drummer!” Come introduce yourself! We don’t bite! 

What are you waiting for, cher? See you next Thursday!