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Big Queen Here

lets talk about the bonez.   This fall you will see us on the big screen for “Jack Reacher 2 / Never Go Back”.    We had so much fun in the five nights of filming in the French Quarter.  Mr Cruise was a lovely gentleman who seemed to enjoy every moment on the job, […]

how to join

we have a big fall coming up here’s some of the events.   southern writers convention, new orleans horrorfest, merci for the magic halloween carriage parade, krewe of boo, anne rice ball, cemetary stroll and secondline for save our cemetaries, calacas y maracas, wedding strolls, hotel entertainment, day of the dead parade, then we will […]

rockin bonez

Joan of Arc paradehangin with a bone named sue.Kim Smallwood aka Rockin’ Bone took her bone name from a Ronnie Dawson song, “There’s still a lot of rhythm in these Rockin’ Bones.” Her chosen instrument for now are the Maracas, due to her inexperience, but is kickin’ around the idea of becoming a drummer or […]


“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.” ~ Pablo Picasso Broken Bonez is an artist Her painting style is very raw and in the moment, She doesn’t  plan out her work and even if she did they would be something completely different in the end. […]

Glabella Bonez

Like most New Orleanians, Maria Glabella Bone has several jobs and many creative inclinations. Over-educated in anthropology and copious amounts of literature, she works for Groundwork New Orleans, doing environmental education and applied social science on the better days, doing a lot of administrative stuff on the meh days, and planting trees or exploring swamps […]


I am not from New Orleans, but I got here as quick as I could. I am from Indiana. I am a Desert Storm veteran from the Navy. I am a Mom, Grandma, and wife. I probably own more tutus than my grandbaby. I LOVE to cook, draw, make crafts. I Love to play the […]