GoldnBonez hightailed it to New Orleans from Mobile in January 2000 the morning after a bar fight and has not gone back much since. She likes to wander around the city looking for objects to use in her mixed media art pieces. Trained primarily as a poet, she writes daily and loves deeply a true […]


two of our favorite bonez, and today we are featuring Bonerella who is on the left.   On the right is one of New Orleans greatest costume designers.   We will come back to her in the next few days to give you a glimpse of that… so for now… this shot was taken at krewe of […]

soul sweepers

Professor Longbone.   One tall drink of water there.   By day he surfs the interwebs repairing the matrix, and by night he works on contraptions.   You may have seen box of wine  NO?    that Lion that serves up wine?  yeah, that would be his. Professor Longbone is an Elder Sweeper and can be found carrying the […]

today makes three…

we are doing a daily trifecta.   today we feature a mom and daughter team who recently joined us for the season.   Our season begins in october, and then runs through jazzfest of the following year.   On the left here is “I.C.U. bone”,   on the right is “Twitchbone”.  These lovely bonez rolled together this year […]