happy mardigras from the bone gang

we just rolled femme fatale and we had a great time.     tomorrow is Okeanos, and we will be out there this time with a stiltwalker, and some real goodies to throw.  roll time is 11am…we will have our signature dolls, and  try and catch our trading cards, collect them all!

then we will be coming out on mardigras day in the lower garden district around euterpe and magazine street,  gonna say around 7am there, and heading up to 45 tchoup bar to meet the wild tchoupitoulas, at 8am and greet the day.

all hail.

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a new season arrives and not a minute too soon

Oh lil liza jane

we start this season with filming for jack reacher and krewe of boo.  We had good times with Mr Cruise for this one.

and here’s our youngest bone in the making

we are coming for you this twelfth nite for joan of arc with judge fire burn die

leading the way for merci for the magic this past fall following the headless horseman

indians here they come

so are you ready for twelfth nite?    you will find us between flaming heretics and judgement.    all hail st joan of arc and epiphany.







ten year katrina walk / wear your red shoes cause there’s no place like home

11830192_441604086025673_1956277848_nwe will meet in the street and start at miss mae’s.   two pm sat aug 29th.

in honor of big chief jolly of the wild tchoupitoulas, we ask that you save your tears and only be jolly, dress to impress, and wear your red shoes.   a five dollar donation to join skinz n bonez and wildman john and queen kim of the wild tchoupitoulas will go to fund a bead class for children at the lyons center uptown.    on the route we will walk to le bon temps, kingpin, grits, and end at 45 tchoup.  your donation gets you happy hour prices at each stop.

won’t you join us and celebrate the culture of the mardigras indians?

another jazzfest come and gone…

59 32 33 34awww….    super sunday, st joes nite, jazzfest, uptown, downtown, all over.   top picture is queen mardiclaw and jawbone, comin off super sunday ….   next picture at jazzfest with  ms bone jangles and wildman john, third picture is wildman john performing with juan pardo on the jazz and heritage stage last sunday of jazzfest, and the last picture is big chief, rhythm and bonez, celestial bonez, indiana bonez, jawbone, tchoupbone, queen kim, stikkman mike, babydoll kit, our jonbone in the back, and babydoll gwen in the back.   we sure had a good time.   all day, backstage and rolled at two thirty.   all hail WILD TCHOUPITOULAS, BABYDOLLS and SKINZ N BONEZ

MARDIGRAS season is HERE… happy carnivale

1622714_786808271376194_694823993527351894_nwe are accepting new members for the 2015 gras season.

here’s a list of what parades we are rolling in

st jeanne of arc was jan 6th and we have already rolled that one, next parade up will be the mystic krewe of femme fatale on their first roll ever.    we are proud to drum and play a role in this historic moment in mardigras history.   that parade is sunday february 8th on the uptown new  orleans route.  Next up is Okeanos on sunday feb 15th on the WAY way uptown route.  first parade of the day there.    We also will be in the st roch bywater neighborhoods come mardigras day to wake you up.

other parades that we venture into are tit rex, chewbacchus and barkus.  these parades have separate dues through the organization.   for tit rex, we arrive prior to the roll for skinz n bonez doll set up and organization.

if your interested in joining us please contact us here, and we will get back to you shortly.   you can roll ONE parade, or go for the whole season….

we also will be present after the gras with the Wild Tchoupitoulas and st josephs nite, super sunday and jazzfest.

all hail the new season before us!

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All Hail the Skeleton Barbie!

skelliebarbwe are super busy creating these dolls for krewe of boo.    once completed?  they will be THEE DOLL to own.    these are some coming off the production line, still got to dress them out, but you get the idea.  stay tuned for finished barbies!

our fabulous skellie barbies on the production line.

our fabulous skellie barbies on the production line.

this years going to be great.   lets begin with the skeleton barbie.  we take donations of barbies all the time because we believe that recycling is a good thing.   Barbiebonez never looked so good, so this year we will be throwing them for krewe of boo parade on oct 30th.   skinz n bonez n soul sweepers LLC has been picked for next years krewe of boo signature throw.   get yours before everyone else, and get one from the krewe that started them!    thee big easel presents  the skeleton barbie.

how do you reserve one?   your pledge of $50 to skinz n bonez through our paypal account will not only get one sent to you via mail, or locally delivered…  it also helps us with the costs of paint and glitter.    what better way to celebrate your inner bone than a skinz n bonez barbie.   all skellies will be sent as they come off the line.   order yours now before october, so you can add her to your crown.

jazzfest and beyond!

This years Jazzfest was very special…   The second sunday was the warmest of the weekend, and even though we had a tent?  it was very HOT….   Tom joined us again from Tennessee, and Shaq provided drum support for the wild tchoups, and here’s big queen, tinkerbonez and jawbone providing a little rythym…10313835_10152101849932304_1326190961154954819_n

Queen Lynn and Shaq!10314476_10152101945687304_1811167532102885910_n

Shaq and Tom and Tinkerbonez!10314492_10152101843177304_1920851299491917650_n CHA WA 14813_10152030491651428_527767480455773230_n

Juju Shaq Tom Tink Jaw Celestial bonez1907983_10152030598621428_8127301432634631788_n

Jahiem gets down with Sambone1908321_10152101884927304_6706690545384652988_n

the divas BE OUT!   Jawbone, Queen Amaire, Jujubonez and Queen Remy!  listening to some Glen David Andrews!10152407_10152028895871428_8798134542737371008_n

Nitbone shakin a tail feather!10170914_10152101889582304_3332012347929091510_n

Boneapart and Celestial bonez get down!10256516_10152101955762304_7013504912938106693_n

Next up?  we are learning the National Anthem in French for the Bayou St. John fourth of july flotilla.   Our Big Queen will crown the next queen as she ends her reign…

This summer we will be planning Calacas Y Maracas, and beyond!  Working on more handmade throws and Barbie Bonez….   All Hail this glorious season, with Chewbacchus, Dreux and Barkus being new on our schedule!   Laissez les bonez temps rouler!


we’ve had a great month, and its still not over!

we will be in the quarter on halloween, entertaining folks, and playing drums…   then on nov 1st we are heading to the gede fest at sallie ann’s.    this is a yearly event we have been doing for some time.

look for us at voodoo, and then at YEMAYA.

we had a blast at krewe of boo!

thanks to kim welsh, and rick moore, roy guste, and kimberly edwards! y’all are the best!big frida1374048_10202192564957895_9273167_nDSC_6594

Super Sunday!

SkinzNBonez would like to thank the Wild Tchoupitoulas for yesterday. What a gorgeous day, and what a wonderful moment.
We began our day on Washington Avenue, with some munchies, and a walkabout. There were lots of food trucks, and more, plenty of snowball stands, and plenty of BBQ parties.
Once the parade began, we folded in with the Wild Tchoupitoulas, and joined Shaggy and Tom / drum team for the krewe. It was a wonderful learning experience, as well as a great BEAT goin down. The entire morning was well spent, as KIM was certainly singing some beautiful songs, and Lil Liza Jane was shared with the Krewe. WILDMAN kept it real, and the audiences seemed to dance and sing along.


As we took our time, strolling round the neighborhood, we came up on Claiborne Avenue, for the turn. As we gazed down the street, all you could see was PRETTY PRETTY. Lots of feathers, Chiefs, Queens, LIL Queens, and more. the joy in the air? was contagious, and we revved up our drumbeats crossing into the intersection.

Once turning back onto Washington? We took it up another notch! Big Chief? had to take a quick break, and we all stepped out, got some waters, and more. The kids really enjoyed Shaggy, as he and Tom both teach kids over at the Iberville Projects, how to march and drum, and it was obvious that they are two wonderful people with lots of love to share.

Our own HOWARD even jumped right into that mix, while other children came forward to display their talents. All the while, big chief caught his breath.

Once rested up? and re-suited up? we jumped back in, and took it up ANOTHER NOTCH!!! I had no idea we had it so good! INTO the park we went, where I bumped into a friend I haven’t seen since Katrina. We worked on bourbon street together, way back when. Miss Virginia screamed in joy, hugged me, and said WOW! proud of you! so very very proud of you!.

Once back to the beginning? Queen Kim pulled out all the stops. I have never seen such a spread of food!

We’d like to thank everyone who came out.

I’d also like to take a moment of thanks to the Wild Tchoupitoulas, and let everyone out there know that we are heading out AGAIN, on tuesday, starting from 45 Tchoup. meet us there at five thirty. We will be behind them again, as we head to ST JOSEPHS NITE!!

and for those of you who stopped us on the parade route on super sunday? YES, we are looking for more drummers. YOU CAN NEVER have too many drummers.


2013 schedule in the coming weeks.

now that the gras is over? we will be focusing on a garden for surrey’s, and then our own community garden.

we will be out there for super sunday, behind WILDMAN JOHN, and also out there for st josephs nite. SUPER SUNDAY is ST PATS DAY, so see you at ONE or the OTHER, but mostly at super sunday.

st josephs night falls before super sunday, so stay tuned.
these are special events, that the Indians do each year, and we love our wildman!!!