soul sweepers

Professor Longbone.   One tall drink of water there.   By day he surfs the interwebs repairing the matrix, and by night he works on contraptions.   You may have seen box of wine  NO?    that Lion that serves up wine?  yeah, that would be his. Professor Longbone is an Elder Sweeper and can be found carrying the […]

another jazzfest come and gone…

awww….    super sunday, st joes nite, jazzfest, uptown, downtown, all over.   top picture is queen mardiclaw and jawbone, comin off super sunday ….   next picture at jazzfest with  ms bone jangles and wildman john, third picture is wildman john performing with juan pardo on the jazz and heritage stage last sunday of jazzfest, and […]

jazzfest and beyond!

This years Jazzfest was very special…   The second sunday was the warmest of the weekend, and even though we had a tent?  it was very HOT….   Tom joined us again from Tennessee, and Shaq provided drum support for the wild tchoups, and here’s big queen, tinkerbonez and jawbone providing a little rythym… Queen Lynn and […]