what a wonderful day.   WONDERFUL roll!  the bonez met at garretts  (spambone) for a quick nosh, makeup, clothing, and then rolled over to the beginning of the parade route.  In case you didn’t catch us, we were at space 12 after “Morgus the Magnificent”….   40 bonez rolled, including five of our “baby bonez”.  The short rib was right out front for most of the parade, and made it all the way to the end!   The soul sweepers were on hand to watch over their bonez, and MARACATU!!!  rounded out and pounded out the rythymns throughout the entire parade.   Coming down the corridor to gallier hall?   we could hear them announce us as the newest most innovative new ladies krewes in the city!!!  WOW….  thanks to everyone who came out and supported.

u nxt!

We will be out and about at five am tomorrow morning, at the corner of st roch and marais, at homespace gallery.  then we will roll through the neighborhood, and if your out?  lookOUT…. cause  YOUNXT!!!

2 thoughts on “OKEANOS

  1. You guys were great. A group of us (a dozen or more) come down and dress up for every day at Mardi Gras (usually Thursday through Fat Tuesday) from Washington D.C. every year! We love it and several of us area seriously looking into moving to N.O. in the next few years.
    Thanks a bunch for the “Photo Bone” bottle cap (neat idea).

    1. we had so much fun. YOU SCORED if you got the photo bone bottle cap! we all had specialty throws, in the form of “doubloon/bottlecap” that our photobone crystal shelton, made for us. you can find her website listed on the right of our website. crystal is a very talented bone…. thanks for the heads up! hope to see you next year!

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