We are approaching our favorite time of year.  Put on your Skellie face, so you don’t feel outa place…

Each year in the Fall we gather to raise funds for animal rescue.  This year we chose German Shepherd Rescue.   We choose a different rescue group each year because there are so many, and many don’t get the funds or recognition they deserve.

We are teaming up with Merci for the Magic, a carriage parade in the quarter this year.   you simply pay $10 and you get to roll with us.   You will need to purchase your own Candy to throw, and you’ll need to paint your faces, OR our painters will do it for you.  of course facepainting is separate from the parade tax.

this parade throws candy to children and adults.    we ask everyone to bring candy, but please put candy in small bags.    No small pieces of candy thrown, as they end up in our sewers, so please package candies in small bags, OR like this….

give a bone a hand….candy glovewe have found that smartees work great for fingers, and a spider ring as well on ring finger.   be creative!  you can do anything you like, but we must keep candy in bags or gloves.

we will roll on  MONDAY Oct third….   here’s the skinny from Boutique Du Vampyre who hosts this yearly event ushering the fall and various fall oriented shops in the French Quarter of New Orleans…

Join us for the 2nd annual Merci for the Magic Halloween Kick Off Parade! The magical shops and organizations of the French Quarter want to thank everyone for their continued support! Our mystical buggy parade will snake through the French Quarter, throwing the first treats of the year, and some creepy tricks too. This year our creepy throw is BBQ Crickets. Sleepy Hallow has agreed to lend us the Headless Horseman again to lead the way! We look forward to seeing you all there. Parade Route will be posted soon!

--- headless

cost is ten dollars, please mark payment for calacas ya maracas

we ask you dress in day of the dead clothing, skeleton attire, or bride and groom, tuxedos, baren samedi, voodoo, etc.   our facepainters will take it from there.

we encourage everyone to join us in the parade, then while the carriages breakdown after parade, we will take you on a mini pub crawl to a couple of dog friendly bars in new orleans as we stroll to raise more money.   our drummers will bring the magic, and you bring yourselves.    we will then stroll into the ball in style, as we celebrate the magic of the Historical French Quarter.

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