bulldogsthis years event will roll on october third through the lower quarter

Included in this years roll is Buffas, Golden Lantern, Spitfire   and the friendly bar. we will be donating to New Orleans Bulldog Rescue this year, and will have a moving altar, and bulldogs with us.

The festival of Dia De Muertos or day of the dead is one with very ancient roots in mexico.  During the Pre Hispanic era there were very elaborate rituals and philosophies concerning the life-death cycle.  Nowhere more so than amongst the Mexican Peoples of the Oaxaca area.   For them life was no more than a passing moment, a dream from which one would wake up again, amongst the dead.  There were 9 levels in the afterlife, and the manner of one’s death determined one’s place in these levels or the return to the dream-time of the living.   Thus warriors killed in combat, sacrificial victims and women dead in childbirth would become companions of the Sun.   The crowned would join Tlaloc the rain god.   The dead were buried with the artifacts of daily life, and offerings of food and drink.

During the Colonial Era, the Catholic religion introduced a fear of Death and Hell.  Death was represented as a skeleton with a scythe in hand.   By the 19th centruy, Death was represented as a friendly ballet-like figure, a familiar friend.

The famous engraver, Jose Guadalupe Posada popularized the figure of death in the world of art.  At the turn of the century the tradition of “Calaveras” or satirical reviews of politicians, traditions social or artistic notables became very popular.

Today Dia De Los Muertos is celebrated on Nov 1st and 2nd.  On these days it is believed that the dead come from the beyond to visit with the living.   Special foods are prepared, breads are baked, and flowers of the season collected.   In some villages the men and boys prepare tables laden with offerings of food and drink for the spirits of the dead and flowers are used to decorate arches and walkways.   Wax candles are lit throughout the graveyards of Mexico.

Processions are made to the cemetaries, where family graves are cleaned up and feasts are held.   Prayers for the souls of the dead are said in return from the afterlife, and to visit these cemetaries you will find families with tables of food and offerings…   The first day of the festival is for the spirit of infants, and the second day is for the adult spirits.  the living receive the dead with merriment and music.

AFTER the 2nd of November / all souls day, the living are then invited for the raising of the dead, where the offerings are consumed and small children fill up baskets with food and drink, cover it with fresh cleaned and pressed napkins and take that to their godparents.  In many ways these celebrations are similar to American’s own Labor Day.

Here in New Orleans the Latino community themselves bring many wonderful moments during this season.   The Ogden Museum being on the forefront of the Art, and Commentary FROM our own community.   We also honor ours on All Saints Day by cleaning up our cemetaries and filling them with flowers.

here’s an article from last year regarding our Queen, and some of the antics from Octobers past.   http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/11/01/new-orleans-carnivalesque-day-of-the-dead.html

So in the traditions of the Hispanic People, and in the tradition of New Orleans, Skinz N Bonez invites you to begin your journey at the beginning of October each year as we pay our respects to those who came before us.   We chose to honor dogs because DOGS play a major role in bringing those who have passed, to those who are living.   Tradition calls for the building of a Family Altar in the home beginning Oct 1st.   Adding to this altar would be a glass of water for the long journey, food, and a dog to lead the way.   All Hail Man’s Best Friend.

this is a rolling altar party. Each bar chosen will receive a gift from skinz n bonez to display behind their bar, as we begin the celebration of the latino month long holiday known as “dia de los muertos”

for those of you unfamiliar? here’s some wikipedia for you

see you out there on october 3rd!





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