GREETINGS parade goers!   YOU have found the Calacas Y Maracas!

this fall join us again on Oct 4th as we roll and stroll thru the quarter raising funds for charity.   The vision of Calacas Y Maracas is to educate and celebrate the beginning of the Day of the Dead Tradition.  We kick off the season by bringing in the fall with altars and skeletons.  Each Bar we stop in will receive a gift from us, and a small explanation from our “brujo”.    Along the route we get discounts and take in donations for animal rescue.

stay tuned for more details for the 2014 season.




We would LOVE the thank everyone who came out for calacas y maracas.   We did indeed raise funds for Animal Rescue New Orleans, and will be gathering together to take a trip to visit them.    AGAIN thank you so much for participating, and we look forward to this yearly event!

Laissez Les Bonez Temps Rouler!

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