GREETINGS parade goers!   YOU have found the Calacas Y Maracas!

We have begun an indiegogo campaign to raise funds.  please check it out.

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usher in the fall this season with new orleans only female bone gang. last years pub crawl was so much fun.

the cost to roll is $10
partial proceeds will go to the pet asylum in the quarter to help with the rescues they do for all of us here in Nola…

as a participant, we invite you to come and dress for dia de los muertos, or day of the dead, and join skinz n bonez and soul sweepers.

this is a rolling altar party. Each bar chosen will recieve a gift from skinz n bonez to display behind their bar, as we begin the celebration of the latino month long holiday known as “dia de los muertos”

for those of you unfamiliar? here’s some wikipedia for you

this event is to raise money for animal rescue

this year we have chosen pet asylum in the quarter

bars for face painting are as follow
mollys on toulouse

bars in the crawl?
golden lantern
lafittes blacksmith
and one other unannounced

we will be on WWOZ that morning to promote, and for those of you who are new to this crawl? the fee is ten dollars. partial proceeds go to the pet asylum in the quarter for all that they do.

to pay in advance

hit the donate button!




We would LOVE the thank everyone who came out last year  for calacas y maracas.   We did indeed raise funds for Animal Rescue New Orleans, and will be gathering together to take a trip to visit them.    AGAIN thank you so much for participating, and we look forward to this yearly event!

Laissez Les Bonez Temps Rouler!

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